If you have not watched the video above do it now! There is important information in there that you have to know in order to proceed! This 90 day ritual challenge will begin May 1st 2022. The only way to get good at Magick is to constantly and daily work on changing physical reality with rituals. In order to have the consistency necessary, you require accountability!Someone that actually holds you accountable and makes sure you do the work!


When you take part in this 90 day ritual challenge you will be held accountable. You must do a ritual everyday and send in a summary of your work to a special email address only those in this ritual challenge know. If you don’t send in your feedback you will be called out!


Once a week there will be a live call in which you can ask Frank White/Aurelius Sopax your questions abut ritual and how to do them better.


However before you are able to take part in this ritual challenge, you must first convince me that you are worthy of being part of it. Why should I allow you to be part of this 90 day ritual challenge and share my ritual secrets with you? Use the form below and tell me why you should be allowed in. If we approve of your answer you will be contacted by us soon.


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