Hard times are coming ladies and gentlemen! We are moving into a deep economic recession that will stay here for many years and will wipe out the majority of people economically. You have two options, you ignore what I just told you and you wait till things hit you like everyone else. Or you can learn what I can teach you and avoid this fate.
See, money is a subject that can be mastered through occult knowledge, just like any other topic. It is very much a spirit. In order to become a favorite of this spirit you must act in ways that put you in resonance with it and attract it towards you. I am offering those exact secrets that will make you one of the favorites of the spirit of money. When you apply them and implement what needs to be implemented you will never have to worry about money again.
Also, you can use this energy to fuel that mission in your life you really want to accomplish and bring into reality. On September 25th i will teach the 14 steps to financial freedom, complete with checklists and step by step instructions. When you follow those steps it is pretty much impossible for you to not become financially free. On the 2nd of October 2022 I will teach the 21 laws of money. This is the complete set of rules and laws that you have to know and follow in order to become truly wealthy. You can either book just one of those days or both, which is recommended as a minimum. Tier 3 includes day one and day 2 as well as a strategy session with myself, Frank White, in which i will set down with you and we will create a business model that suits you and will allow you to start generating more income so you can speed up the process of becoming financially free.
I have more than 12 years of experience of building businesses and multiple income streams. I am also a very powerful business strategist. No go ahead and pic your level form the 3 options below. Important: Make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox. You Paypal email, the one you use to make the payment is where you will receive all details and links.


Learn the 14 Steps to financial freedom. On September 25th I will lay out the 14 proven steps that, if you follow them, will make it inevitable that you become financially free. The event will begin at 3pm pst. Recordings will be available.
This level includes day 1 and day 2. Day 2 will take place on October 2nd 2022. On this day I will unveil the 21 Laws that make you a master of money. They were revealed through decades of study and work with spirits. When you know and apply these laws you will be one of money`s favourites. he event will take place at 3pm pst and recordings will be available.
Mastery level:
This level includes day 1 and day 2, but also a strategy session with me in which we will create a business model, customized for you, that will help you speed up your journey to financial freedom. The specific date for the session will be scheduled individually with you after you signed up for this level.