A pact with a spirit is a temporary relationship between a person and a spiritual force for the purpose of achieving specific goals or learning some sort of secret. When done right it is a completely safe and beneficial experience. On this page you can purchase a pact with one of the following spirits:


Archangel Raphael – Rules over and teaches health. This spirit can help you attain health in your own life.


Archangel Anael – Rules over and teaches matters of love, relationships and friendships. He can bring those things to you and take your life to a new level.


Archangel Perpetiel – Rules over and teaches success in all areas of life such as career, business and finances. This spirit can make you successful in all material matters.


The pact with be sealed and facilitated personally by Frank White/Aurelius Sopax. You will receive video proof including a personal channeling from the spirit you choose for the pact.


Within 24 hours after your purchase you will be contacted through the email address connected to your purchase. Then an initial call will be scheduled where the details of the pact will be discussed and Frank White will ensure himself if you are fit for a pact. This means mental sanity, not clairvoyance. If for whatever reason he comes to the conclusion that a pact is not right at this time he reserves the right to deny that service. In this case you will receive a 100% refund right away. You will also be required to sign a release of lability before the pact will be facilitated. Take advantage of this offer now!