Reality Rewriting Coaching

Reality Rewriting Coaching

My friend, this is your favourite Sorcerer!


What goals do you have for 2022? And how do you think you will achieve them. Most never achieve the goals they set and that is because they are ignorant of the true nature of reality and how to manipulate things in their favour.


We live in a multiverse. Multiple probable futures are available to you right now. And what you need to do is connect to the future probability that represents your goal. However that is easier said than done. To truly begin to rewrite your reality you need some serious occult and secret knowledge.


Everything in existence, the formed and unformed universe, can be converted into numerical form.


Think back to your high school math class about a mathematical symbol called “pi”. If you remember, this pi notation starts with 3.1416 … and continues to infinity meaning it never ends.


What your math teacher didn’t mention (because they don’t know this) is that everything in existence, formed and unformed is contained numerically within the decimal places of “pi”.


If you were to convert your name into numbers, it would be found somewhere in pi. If you were to convert the amount of kisses you will ever receive into numerical notations, it would be found somewhere in pi. Your car’s license plate could be found in pie. The time and date of your physical death is within pi. The memory and experience of a past trauma is within the pi notation somewhere.


Feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories, goals, dreams, purposes, whatever, can be converted to a numerical form and found somewhere in pi. The amount of atoms that you have breathed in during your life so far can be found in pi. The amount of atoms you will breathe for the rest of your life can be found in pi.


A visualization of your future goal can be converted into numbers and be found somewhere in pi. You name it, it is somewhere in pi. That is why pi is such a sacred mathematical notation and the pyramids are all built from this notational formula.


Using this secret knowledge you can access any timeline you want and “reverse engineer” it into physical existence. The way to do that is by adjusting your frequency to the the goal you have and use your connection to the invisible grid of energy around the earth to bring it into physical existence.


There is more to this but let me tell you the following now. I will teach you:

-How to access the frequency of the timeline in which your goal will manifest.

-How to access the powers of the symbol “pi” to help you unlock unlimited possibilities.

-How to remove the blocks in your energy system that prevent you from accessing any timeline and frequency, from manifesting and condensing it into physical matter and how to take control over this limitless potential.

And much much more….


In January 2022 you have the opportunity to learn how to rewrite reality using this secret knowledge. On 4 Sunday’s this month I will teach you a bulletproof method of reality rewriting.


Note: These are 4 separate dates. The entire coaching takes place in one day. So every new Sunday, the same will be taught to a different group of individuals. After you sign up for the coaching you will be sent a waiver and the attendance link within 12 hours. The coachings will take place on January 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th at 6pm PST (9pm EST). (Once again, each day is a complete coaching. You can purchase access to only one date.)