Personalized Servitor Let me create a servitor specifically for you

Personalized Servitor

Let me create a servitor specifically for you. A servitor is a spirit created by or for the magician. It can be created for ANY purpose, with virtually any abilities. A servitor is like your own super powerful invisible Genie. Whenever you call upon it, give it instructions and send it into the world, it will go to work for you. And, different from angels and demons that you might use, it does not bargain with you or has its own agenda. It is your complete and obedient spirit servant!

I will create a servitor specifically designed for you. You let me know what abilities you want it to have, and I will go about creating it for you. You will receive:

  • A servitor custom created by Frank White with the specific abilities and powers that YOU WANT

  • The servitor`s name and sigil

  • A secret ritual that allows ONLY YOU to CALL YOUR SERVITOR and give it a tasks to manifest your desires for you

  • The ONLY ingredient that will be used to energize your servitor so that it will keep growing in power

Here is how to receive your own servitor spirit:

1. Click the order button below and complete it

2. Within 48 hours after you ordered you will be contacted through the email address you used to order the servitor.

3. Frank White/Aurelius Sopax will then schedule a call with you in which all the details of the servitor will be discussed.

Order your very own  personalized servitor now!

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