The Revelations Of Zepar Learn The Secrets of Seduction from Zepar Himself

THE REVELATIONS OF ZEPAR EVENT Learn The Secrets of Seduction from Zepar Himself


The Revelations of Zepar 1
The Revelations of Zepar 2

Could it be that there are spirits in other dimensions that hold power over this world? And could it be that witchcraft holds the secrets to opening gateways between the worlds so that these beings from the other side can be called into this world? And could it be that a Magician would then be able to ask that being to reveal forbidden knowledge and teachings about how to make any women fall in love with a man that knows and applies those secrets?

Yes it is true! Aurelius Sopax/ Frank White facilitated a spirit pact with the world’s number one Pickup Artist. For months and years they worked together in discovering those secrets through the teachings of Zepar, the 16th Goetic demon. A spirit so knowledgeable about the power of seduction that he is capable of enhancing the average man‘s attractiveness to a level that gets him the attention and makes him desired by the most beautiful women out there.


On April 3rd 2020 4-6pm pst some of those secrets will be revealed. You have the chance to attend this event now. A recording will be provided as well, in case you can’t make it live. On this event you will watch:

1. Live Ritual Evocation of Zepar (Completely safe for anyone watching)

2. Channelings of Zepar and some of his revelations

3. Teachings and Explanations on how to apply those secrets by a professional pick up artist.

4. A dialogue and discussion of two masters of their field that will take your understanding of the mind, communication, power and influence to a whole new level.

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