Yoga is one of the most important practices to enhance your magickal abilities and to preform at the highest level. Yoga allows you to release energy blocks and open your energy meridians, allowing  life force to flow easily throughout your body and energy system. The result is more potent magickal operations and control over your energy body and awareness.


Always remember, a flexible body equals a flexible mind and yoga creates physical and metal flexibility within its practitioner. It facilitates harmony within the mind and energy of the magician allowing  him/her to become in-tune with the energies and manipulate them more easily.


The practice of releasing energy blocks itself through yoga will bring unconscious parts of your awareness stuck in your energy back into the present moment, giving you greater control over your awareness and strengthening your will power.


These results of expanded awareness, mental flexibility and increased control over your energy body are the foundations of a powerful magickal practice.


Yogi Chris PhD, who has taught hundreds of seminars all over the world , will teach you the proper techniques and understandings of Yoga to strengthen your magickal practice and overall wellbeing. His expertise and communication skills yields the perfect combination for you to have the most concise, efficient and comprehensive Yoga practice you can do daily. As of now, there will be 2 classes per week beginning on January 15th 2022.

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