Curriculum For The Psychic Seduction Seminar On March 26th 2023



The Art of Psychic Influence: Strategies for Effective Communication and Seduction


Module 1: Understanding Influence,

-Introduction to the concept of psychic influence.

-Importance of influence in personal and professional settings.

-Different types of influence.


Module 2: Psychic Persuasion Techniques.

-Techniques for framing your message for maximum impact.

-Using the principles of psychic persuasion to influence others.

-Understanding the psychology of decision-making.


Module 3: Non-Verbal Communication.

-The role of body language in communication.

-Techniques for reading and interpreting non-verbal cues.

-Strategies for using body language to influence others.


Module 4: Verbal Communication.

-Effective communication techniques, including active listening and empathy.

-Strategies for building rapport and trust.

-Tools for articulating your message clearly and persuasively.


Module 5: Overcoming Resistance.

-Dealing with objections and rejections.

-Techniques for reframing objections and overcoming resistance.

-Developing a resilient mindset to handle rejection and maintain motivation.


Module 6: Ethical Considerations.

-Understanding the importance of ethical behavior in influence.

-The impact of influence on personal and professional relationships.